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  • Lozi

    A leading C2C Buying and Selling Platform in Vietnam


    Lozi began as a food app in 2014 but has extended its product platform to include reviewing Food and Selling & Buying in various categories (Fashion, Electronics, Vehicle, Pets & Housing), as well as a mobile Food delivery service (Loship). Lozi focuses on pioneering new Buy & Sell experience and food delivery alternatives for sellers and buyers with an emphasis on speed, safety, and reliability.

  • Ship60

    Logistics and supply chain


    Ship60 is a last-mile delivery platform dedicated an instant & same-day shipping service. Established in Vietnam since 2016, Ship60 proudly collaborate with top brand names in e-commerce like Lazada, Vascara, Concung,…in order to bring the outstanding logistic service to their customers. With the facilitation of big data and up-to-date technology, Ship60 plants to disrupt the logistics industry by reducing delivery time to 60 minutes.



  • Base Enterprise

    SaaS Enterprise Platform


    As a leading B2B startup in Vietnam, Base has a vision of building the first open platform where the best applications are seamlessly connected and available for enterprises in Southeast Asia. Enterprise 4.0 is the next evolution of business and Base provides the bridge between Enterprise 4.0 and Vietnamese enterprises. Base is currently serving 100+ businesses in Vietnam and we have developed applications that cover most important business functions - sales & CRM, operational management, human resources and productivity.

  • True Juice

    Real & Raw Cold-pressed Juice Service Delivered Daily To Your Door


    True Juice is the first juice service in Vietnam that delivers daily to your door. True Juice blends are comprised entirely of raw fruit and vegetable juice. The juices are cold-pressed and unpasteurized to ensure minimum heat and oxygen exposure yielding maximum nutrient-rich enzyme content.



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