as a STARTUP

    We organize tailored programs for fast growing companies with support in: leadership development, business model development, market entry, product market fit, fund raising.


    See our programs below:


    VSV BOOTCAMP: 4 months accelerator bootcamp program with seed funding and tailor-made mentorship for startups to find product market fit and growth opportunities in exchanging for equity.

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    STARTUP 101: a training program designed to help founders build robust business models and acquire necessary skills to start and grow their business.

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    VSV CORNER: an awesome place to work, thrive and to be your best everyday. We accommodate for solo founders and teams.

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    as an INVESTOR

    We provide practical startup investment training and co-investment opportunities to enable investors to assess and invest in the best early stage startups in Vietnam.


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    VSV FUNDS: Participate in co-investing in one of VSV Bootcamp. VSV Bootcamp is a yearly investment program with average of 4x returns on investment.

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    VSV INVESTOR BOOTCAMP: investors, accelerators /incubators, universities and government authorities will provided knowledge, skills and network to gain steady foundation when giving support and investment to Startup or install accelerator and/or ecosystem for your organization.

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    ANGEL CAMP: A weekend away from the city with startups, policy makers and fellow investors to connect and experience life as a startup investor.

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    For organizations that want to build their own startup ecosystem, we provide you with a transfer program of everything we know about investing in startup in Vietnam, how to run your own accelerator, co-working space... In addition, we also connect you with our investment network to help you hit the ground running.


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    VSV INVESTOR BOOTCAMP: accelerators /incubators, investors, universities and government authorities will provided knowledge, skills and network to gain steady foundation when giving support and investment to Startup or install accelerator and/or ecosystem for your organization.

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    For the first time in Vietnam, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Vietnamese Government take an initiative directed at stimulating the growth of technology Startups in Vietnam.


    The launching ceremony "Silicon Valley Ecosystem in Viet Nam‟ on June 4, 2013 showcases the commitment of the Government to build a Silicon Valley for Startups in Vietnam.


    The Project seeks to create an ecosystem of innovations and technology commercialization in Vietnam – by combining our Vietnamese entrepreneurial spirit and innovative nature with the most successful practices America has to offer in startup development and mentoring, accelerators, and venture capital funding and investing. And like America and Korea, the Government provides the needed support for stimulating startup growth and funding.


    The Project marks the beginning of a dynamic and exciting ecosystem for technology entrepreneurship and startups in Vietnam with the application of Silicon Valley – tested training and development programs and networks of mentors from Silicon Valley to stimulate the growth of Vietnam’s Startups. Over the next five years, we believe the Project will transform the landscape of the Startup and Technology Ecosystem in Vietnam.


    Without further ado, let us together take the first steps toward this incredible future.


    The stories and key events that lead to where we are right now.

    VSV Mini Investor Bootcamp Hanoi 2018

    March 13-14th 2018

    The very first IB program of VSV in 2018. The course only took 2 days but the participants were up to nearly 35 people from many departments and organizations. The purpose of program is sharing VSV vision and transferring the knowledge to everybody who is working in the startup eco-system.


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    DEMO DAY 2018

    February 2nd 2018

    "image: All startups was taking picture with investors"

    On 1st February, the DEMO DAY that is hosted by Lotte Accelerator and Vsv Accelerator , happened successfully with the participation of up to nearly one hundred valued guest from many organizations, including government, big firms, investors and media press. DEMO DAY 2018 introduces 10 excellent startups from BA 2017 program over 100 applications.


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    Accelerator Prototype Day 2017

    November 26th 2017​

    With the similarity of vision and mission, Lotte Accelerator and Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator have come to a general agreement on a long-term strategic partnership. The "Announcement of Strategic Cooperation between Lotte Accelerator and Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator to Promote Venture Capital Market in Vietnam" was held on 26/10/2017 at Lotte Hotel, Hanoi. This is also an opportunity for investors to learn about the potential of 12 startups selected by VSVA & Lotte Accelerator after the evaluation process over the profile of more than 100 projects.

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    VSV Accelerator Bootcamp 2017

    September 13th 2017

    20.000 USD investment for each startup at early stage from VSV Accelerator in Accelerator Bootcamp 2017. This year, BA 2017 has total 11 startups including not only local startups but also internationally.

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    VSV Investor Bootcamp 2017 - Ho

    June , 2017

    Base on the succeed of the program in Hanoi, VSV and Hochiminh City Department of Science and Technology co-organized the VSV Investor Bootcamp in HCMC.

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    VSV Investor Bootcamp 2017 - Hanoi

    April, 2017

    VSV Investor Bootcamp was organized in Ha Noi with almost 50 people from universities, incubators, enterprises in Soc Trang, HCM, Da Nang,... Through this program, VSV want to provide knowledge, skills and network for participants to gain steady foundation when giving support and investment to Startup or install accelerator and/or ecosystem for their organization.

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    VSV Angel Camp Can Tho

    January, 2017

    The third VSV Angel Camp was organized in Can Tho with more than 30 people joining. By this event, VSV helped local entrepreneurs to understand clearly about startup and support the local government stimulating the startup movement here.

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    Project 844

    December, 2016

    VSV was assigned as one of steering committee for Vietnam government’s startup support scheme “Supporting the National Innovation Startup Ecosystem by 2025” called for short Project 844. This Project showcases the determination of Vietnam to promote startups and venture capital. By 2025, the government expects to have about 2,000 startups covered under the project, of which at least 100 companies are likely to receive venture capital funding or get involved in M&A deals with an expected total transaction value of VND2 trillion ($89.7 million)

    Techfest 2016

    November, 2016

    "Image: Mr. Vu Duc Dam, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam

    Ms. Thach Le Anh, founder of VSV"

    Techfest is the yearly startup conference and exhibition organizing by the Ministry of Science and Technology. As a co-organizer, VSV made Techfest 2016 to become the biggest festival for startups of the year. The event organized various seminars and conferences on policies, startup investment, business building... Techfest is also an opportunities for MOST to honour organizations and projects that actively support and fund for startup.

    Techfest 2016 welcome more than 5000 guests into its exhibition of more than 100 startups during its 2 days.

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    Strategic Partnership with Lotte & BK Holdings

    November, 2016

    "Image: left to right

    Ms. Thach Le Anh, founder of VSV

    Mr. Lee Jin SeongSeong, director of Lotte Accelerator

    Mr. Choi Won Seok, director of Lotte Data Communication Company

    Mr. Nguyen Trung Dung, director of BK Holdings"

    Entering this partnership, Lotte committed to distributing quality products from excellent startups in the Lotte business system. Also, Lotte expects to hold exchange and co-operation events between Korean startups and Vietnamese startups. Most notably, Lotte will establish 1 million USD fund for early stage startup.

    Lotte Startup Awards 2016 in November was the first activity organizing through this partnership. Hachi - IOT system for agriculture incubated by VSV made a strong impression on those in the audience and won the 1st prize.

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    Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Vietnam

    October, 2016

    "Image: Mr. Vu Minh Tri, CEO of Microsoft Vietnam

    Ms. Thach Le Anh, founder of VSV"

    Microsoft Vietnam and VSV have entered a partnership to give the local start-up ecosystem a major boost. Through this partnership Microsoft will provide support for VSV startups through BizSpark program, mentorship, and access to Microsoft vast network and distribution channel for selected team.

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    VSVA Bootcamp Summer 2016 & Demo Day (3rd)

    July - November, 2016 ​

    In 2016, VSV Accelerator continue to select 8 startups to invest in and participate in the 4 month bootcamp program. For 2016, the accelerator program receives strategic support from Fast Forward Advisor Germany Our 2016 Demo Day was held in conjunction with TECHFEST 2016 and 50% of the selected companies received funding for the next round.

    Most notably, this year VSV startups was feature and received award from Nhan Tai Dat Viet competition.

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    VSV Angel Camp Saigon

    April 8, 2016

    The second VSV Angel Camp was organized in Minh Tran Garden, HCM city with 45 people joining. In only two days, Angel Camp helped the startups understand the process of fund raising from angel investors and venture capital. The mini workshops in event not only provided useful skills for building startup but also create chances for attendee meet many investors.

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    VSV Master Class

    July, 2016

    "Image: Ms. Michelle E. Messina - CEO of Explora International LLC

    Mr. Jonathan C. Baer - Founder of Threshold Ventures​​"

    Continue the effort of raising awareness about angel investing in 2014 Angel Labs workshop. VSV host a 7 days class for investors and startups to learn how to invest and grow a business. Michelle E.Mesina from Explora International and Jonathan C. Baer from Threshold Ventures who spend their entire life coaching and investing for startups in Silicon Valley spent a week with startups and Vietnamese venture capitalist to share the insights of venture capial in US and also the how Vietnam can apply it.

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    VSV Angel Camp Hanoi

    Jun 11, 2016

    VSV Angel Camp is a training program, combines with camping model which connect Investors, Startups and Policy-markers in 2 days outside of the city atmosphere. VSV created a open space for attendees to learn about each others and share their ideas about promoting startup ecosystem. The event also provided comprehensive knowledge through activities such as workshops, intellectual game and practical experience for entrepreneurs and investors in pitching, raising fund and selecting potential startup.

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    CEO Talk - My Startup Journey

    February - April, 2016

    "image: Mr. Hồng Lam, CEO of Hồng Lam company"

    Fascinated with how a startup with couple founders than grow into a 300 people companies in just a few year, VSV organized a series of events where successful founders share their stories on how and why they started, what are their obstacle in the early days and their practice in business strategy and management. The series including interview with Founder and CEO of Topica, Hong Lam, Vat Gia, Appota and Viet Software and their story are indeed fascinating.

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    VSVA Bootcamp Fall 2015 & Demo Day (2nd)

    October, 2015 - January, 2016

    Building on the success of 2014, VSV Bootcamp & Demo Day 2015 brings investors a chance to approach potential startups, look at their pitch, and discuss business and investment opportunity with each team.

    Each of the 11 startups team pitching on the day was carefully chosen from over 150 applications and has completed 4 months bootcamp under VSV Accelerator.

    During selection of this 2nd batch, we receives help from Hugh Mason, founder and CEO of JFDI Singapore. His perspective and experience give us a huge boost in 2015.

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    VSV Corner launch

    October, 2015

    VSV and MOST launch VSV Corner as a place for investors and startups to meet, work, learn & share their idea and knowledge. Officially opening in Nov, 2015 at 7th Floor, 24 Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., VSV Corner now become a workplace and information hub for not only startup but also investors who want to learn more about Vietnam's startup scene.

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    "image: from left to right Mr.Nguyen Quan - Minister of Science & Technology Mr. Dang Huy Dong - Deputy Minister of Plan and Investment"

    Trip to Silicon Valley with Vietnamese Policy Makers

    June, 2015

    "image: left to right

    Mr. Nguyen Cuong - Deputy Head of the Central Economic Committee

    Mr. Linh Han - CEO of Vietnam Silicon Valley

    Mr. Nguyen Quan - Minister of Science & Technology

    Mr. Dang Huy Dong - Deputy Minister of Plan and Investment

    Mr. Tran Thang - Director of FIRST project, Ministry of Science and Technology"

    VSV organized a business trip for Minister Nguyen Quan of Ministry of Science and Technology and Deputy Minister level from other Ministries to Silicon Valley. The trip showed a panoramic view of the huge impact of venture capital & startup to US's economy.

    More notably, this trip mark the first involvement of other Government body such as the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Central party... in Vietnam Startup Ecosystem. It also help to strengthen their confident about startup and create the motivation for the Government to enact more polices supporting startup ecosystem in the next years (such as Project 844, startup program of major cities...).

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    Leadership in Innovation Fellowships U.K

    February, 2015

    VSV is one of the few project that had been selected to join the 1st Leadership in Innovation Fellowships program sponsored by Newton Fund. The course brings valuable perspective on lean startup in practice in UK. Most notably, through the program, we were able to extend our international mentor network to include entrepreneur, professors of Cambridge and Oxford University.

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    VSVA Bootcamp Summer 2014 & Demo Day (1st)

    June - October, 2014​

    In June 2014, VSV co-invested with angel investors to open the first Business Accelerator - VSV Accelerator in Vietnam. We pick 9 startups (see them here) to invest for and participate in a 4 month Bootcamp program. For the next 4 month these 9 companies hurdle together to work on their product and business model in preparation for the Demo Day.

    Our first Demo Day in October 2014 became the platform that launch startup like Lozi.vn, TechElite... become million+ company.

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    VSV Angel Labs

    March, 201​4

    "image: Mr. Bora Kizil - Angle Investor from UK "

    VSV partner with San Francisco based venture fund StartupLabs to organise Vietnam biggest full-day workshop for angel investors. For the first time, these exclusive knowledge was brought to a wider public audience. More than 150 private investors gather to learn, discuss and practice angel investing. The workshop lead to some of them become investors for VSV Accelerator in the future.

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    Vietnam Silicon Valley beginning...

    June 04, 2013​

    "image: Mr. Nguyen Quan - Minister of Science & Technology"

    VSV Project started with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). During our launch ceremony at the Ministry on October 18th 2013. Minister Nguyen Quan remark that VSV is the first building block of the Government effort to make Technology Development become a key economic driver for Vietnam.

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