4-Month Bootcamp. 10-15 Teams. $30K-50K Each. Application open until May 2.


  • Formerly known as Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator or VSVA, VSV Capital Accelerator is the leading and longest-running accelerator that invests in Vietnam-connected startups since 2014. To date, we have invested over $3M into hundreds of entrepreneurs across 70 investments, who have gone on to raise next rounds of funding with multimillion-dollar in valuations.
    Our program is designed for pre-seed and seed stages startups to quickly validate the viability of their products and business models before scale. Startups in our accelerator portfolio also have the chance to receive follow-on investment from our VC fund.

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    Our firsthand experience working with startups in Vietnam is unrivalled.

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    Many of the brightest of startups in Vietnam have had us as their 1st institutional check.

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    Each team that gets into our accelerator receives up to $50K in cash in exchange for 7-10% equity.

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    Apart from your own cohort of 10, you also have access to our amazing network of alumni.

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    Our portfolio companies have achieved valuations at over 500x increase since joining our accelerator.

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    After graduation, most of our companies have raised more funding from investors all around the world.


    As we invest at the earliest stage of a company's lifecycle, our program is designed to help startups validate and iterate on their original hypotheses, achieve product/market fit and get them venture capital-ready for next-round funding. To give you a better picture of what our Bootcamp looks like, here are some literal snapshots of what happens during the program.
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    Workshops and seminars will be done by experts in their fields, consisting of in-house mentors and external speakers, who will provide you with knowledge about business modelling, marketing, fundraising etc.
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    Office Hours

    During Bootcamp, you can book 1-1 meetings with VSV Capital Lead Mentors as often as you need, to discuss anything you are working on, or to figure out together what you should be working on. Talk to us often!
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    Dinner Talks

    Every week during Bootcamp, we will invite a speaker, who is usually either a seasoned entrepreneur or investor, to come and join the batch for dinner, and share their journey as well as their advices with you.
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    There are two important events that we always organise for each batch: Feedback Day and Demo Day. Apart from that, there will be other social and networking events where we organise or give you access to.

    Different from external Mentors from our network that are experts in different domains, whom we will match with startups after having sufficient understanding of each company's business and needs; our Lead Mentors are in-house and actual Partners of the firm. This means they have skin in the game as well as a holistic understanding of this space from investing and directly working with countless startups in various fields. Meet the Lead Mentors who you will see almost everyday:
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    Linh Han is Founder and Managing Partner at VSV Capital. He has raised and managed 4 funds with $3.5M fund size in total. He also led 60+ investment deals through 6 batches of VSV Accelerator. Linh plays a critical role in mentoring and being an active partner from day one with most of VSV portfolio startups, taking them from zero to up to 500 times multiple in valuation.


    He was honoured by Forbes Asia in the 30 Under 30 list of 2020 for Finance & VC. Prior to founding VSV, he was working in Consulting and Banking.

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    Gibs Song is General Partner at VSV Capital. Gibs was Director of Samsung R&D in America and Samsung Electronics Corporate Venture, with 25 years in technology development, management and consulting internationally. Before coming to Vietnam, he was an angel investor and venture partner in Silicon Valley. Many of his investments were acquired by big Korean corporations.

    At VSV Accelerator, he plays an important role in pulling international resources, partnerships and investments into our portfolio companies.

  • After Bootcamp, VSV Capital continues to introduce startups to resources, customers, partners and investors. Before COVID-19 hits, we also regularly took our portfolio companies on roadshows to other cities and countries to open up more opportunities to meet with investors and join regional/international startup events. Most of the time, our job post-Bootcamp is to provide our expertise when you need help building financial projections, or strategically planning when negotiating major contracts or investment deals.


    Our Bootcamp is 4-month, but our support is for life.


  • If you have questions regarding the application process, the quickest way to get an answer is posting in the "Discuss" tab on F6S.


    Online Application


    March 29 - May 2

    Startups will need to fill our application form on F6S. To do this you need to sign up for an account there. With F6S, you don't have to finish your application in one sitting, whatever you filled in will be saved, and you can come back to update later. Once you are happy with everything, you can go ahead and click "Connect".


    Online Interview


    Early May

    You will know by May 7 if you have passed through to the Online Interview round. Our team will notify you via email to schedule a 30'-40' meeting with one of our Partners in the next days. You will have 2-3 days to prepare.


    Face-to-face Interview



    By May 13, you will know if you have advanced to the final round, which is Face-to-face Interview where you present in front of our investor committee. Our team will contact you via email to schedule a slot. You will have 3-4 days to prepare with the help of our team. Please note, the interview will be held in Hanoi, in person.




    June - September

    By late May, the final result will be announced to each team. Chosen teams will then have 2 weeks to prepare before Bootcamp starts. Bootcamp will take place in Hanoi for 4 months.

  • * Please note, all dates are tentative and may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

    ** All processes including Online Application, Online interview and Face-to-face interview are to be done in English.