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    Thach Le Anh


    Ms. Thach Le Anh (MBA) is a entrepreneur, angel investor and senior expert in the startup field.


    As a successful businesswoman with more than 20 years of extensive experiences in creating companies, market research and development, commercializing technology as well as leadership skills, startups under her mentorship have successfully raised venture capital with multi-million-dollar valuations, such as Lozi, TechElite, Schoolbus, Ship60. Besides coaching startups, she has delivered training on venture capital methodologies for hundreds of potential investors, mentors, policymakers, incubator managers and universities through a series of VSV programs like VSV Investor Bootcamp and Angel Camp.


    Ms. Le Anh is a senior advisor to the Vietnamese government in designing and implementing programs to build a national startup ecosystem (Project 844/QĐ-TTg approved by the Prime Minister on May 18, 2016; SpeedUp program of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology). She has acted as guest speaker at many reputable domestic and international forum such as Mekong Ecosystem Summit 2.0, Vietnam Summit 2016, Finance and Investment Forum Asia.


    Ms. Le Anh has an MBA degree from the Southern California University (USA). She received a scholarship from the Newton Fund to participate in Innovation Fellows Leadership (LIF) program at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford (UK).

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    Linh Han

    Managing Director

    Mr. Linh Han co-founded and leads VSV Accelerator which invest, accelerated and mentor over 50 startups in Vietnam since 2014. VSV Accelerator is the first of its kind in Vietnam with up-and-coming startup in its portfolio such as Lozi.vn, TechElite, SchoolBus.vn... VSV Accelerator’s portfolio grew 4.5x in value since its inception. Linh has a background in Business Administration and Economics, he also served at Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV) Project Executive Coordinator since June 2013. VSV is the first initiative from the Vietnam Government to target and support startups and venture investors in Vietnam. With its initial success, VSV Project has been extended till 2020 by the Prime Minister. He received Bachelor of Business and Economic from University of Kent, UK.

    At 28 years old, Linh have 8 years of professional working experience, 4 of which is from running his own business, ATV-Vietnam. Since 2013, he started the cooperation between ATV- Vietnam and NATEC (National agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization) on Vietnam Silicon Valley project and served as its Executive Coordinator. Working at the Executive Coordinator of Vietnam Silicon Valley project, Linh is deeply involved in setting the directions of the project as well as responsible to translate these directions into actionable plans. Almost 2 years after the launch of the project, the project is receiving very positive feedback from the local ecosystem as well as international news outlets. In winter 2013, alongside StartUp.vn, VSV project co-organized the first Startup Weekend NEXT training program in Vietnam.

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    Vu Han - CEO of Vietnam International Bank

    Venture Partner of VSVA

    Mr. Vu Han has 30 years of experience in business operations, including 27 years in financial sector, with vast experience in retail banking, commercial banking and investment banking with leading international banks in the world. He has also been widely known during the last 10 years in diversified financial areas via his proactive directorships at various insurance, financial and real estate development companies. Mr Vu Han has deeply involved with start-ups investment during the last 5 years as an angel investors, coach and speaker, and lobbyist to government for start-up eco-system development policies. He is also an investor, co-founder of a start-up foundation.


    He joined his current bank, VIB (Vietnam International Bank), 12 years ago with a clear view on potentiality to grow market capitalization of this financial institution. Between 2006 and today, VIB grew its total assets, book value, and profit by 10 times, locked in Commonwealth Bank of Australia (top 10 in market capitalization in the world) as strategic shareholder, become listed on stock exchange with market capitalization rocketing from about USD 75M to over USD 1B today. Also during this period of time, Vũ together with VIB, has also set up property firm named Cornerstone Building, then exited 99% to a Japanese investor with huge return on investment. Vu has acted as CEO and Chairman of VIB, and been a very active investor in VIB, during the last 12 years.


    Before joining VIB, Vu worked 18 years with Citigroup and Calyon in corporate and investment banking areas. He obtained MBA degree from Solvay Brussel School, and has been an alumni of Harvard Business School since 2011 after his intensive 4 month executive leadership course in Boston.

    Mr. Vu Han obtained a Master of Business Administration from Solvay Brussels School – Belgium, and Bachelor degrees from Metropolitan Business College – Australia and the Institute of International Relations – Vietnam. He is also a Harvard Alumni since his graduation from HBS Executive Leadership Program in Boston 2011.

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    Gibs Song

    Venture Partner of VSVA

    Gibs has worked in universities, startups and global companies in four different countries.


    With diverse experience ranging from technology development to venture investing, Gibs is a founder, investor and advisor for 16 startups. Gibs has held positions including PM (Electric Vehicle Program) at the Electrochemical Science and Technology Center at U of Ottawa, Director of US Operations for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, and served as executive advisor to Cheil Industries (Samsung company) since 2009 and Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox company) since 2010.


    In 2015, Gibs moved to Hanoi, Vietnam. He is actively involved with startup investing in the US, Korea and Vietnam. He also works on healthcare, renewable energy, mining and F&B businesses in Vietnam. Currently, Gibs is CEO of K-medical holdings – a Hong Kong based healthcare investment fund.

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    Tien Nguyen


    Tien Nguyen has more than 10 years of experience in finance and strategy -planning sector. He develops his career at Vietnam International Bank (VIB) as CFO of Retail Banking, Founder & CEO at his own company (A&A Technology and Trading Co.) and CFO of Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator. He also spent the last 2 years working as a mentor for startups.


    In 5 year worked as CFO Retail Banking and Head of Strategy and Planning of VIB, he had responsibility and managed the 4 main areas : (i) Reporting and Analysis, (ii) Budgeting, planning and target setting for all region, branch, sale man, (iii) Management Information system (MIS) and (iv) Cost control. Every year, he also led the team to redesign KPIs pack and trained for VIB market-facing.


    After working in non-market facing area, he left VIB to develop sale experience by establishing his own company, named A&A Technology and Trading Company. Last year, its annual revenue was $ 2.5 million.

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    Dung Ngo

    Director of Research

    Dung Ngo is Director of Research at Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV) with research interests in Blockchain, Network Security and Problem Solving. He is always impressed by the beauty of thinking processes leading to innovation or mathematical proofs.

    Dung Ngo has research experience from both academia and industry. In academia, he was a researcher in the Network Security field especially Randomized Algorithms in IP Traceback at Kyung Hee University, Korea. During this time, his background was also built with Probability Theory, Game Theory and Mechanism Design. In industry, he worked as a Network Security Specialist solving web vulnerabilities of bank.

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    Hương Phạm

    Chief Accountant

    Ms. Huong Pham is chief accountant and financial controller of VSV Accelerator. She is finance and accounting expert with more than 15 years’ experience in business development and growth with development of short and long-term financial plans budgets and forecasts for companies.


    Experienced in the daily operations of businesses along with managing staff to increase productivity and compliance. Instrumental in working with superiors and departments in order to manage financial and accounting procedures. From 2000 to 2005, she worked as accountant for many trading companies. In 2006, she joined ATV Vietnam Ltd and served as chief accountant. She had responsible for coordinate the activities of the accounting staff; revise and implement accounting standards as per the changes in the government regulations; conduct internal audits for offices; calculate tax for a given period and file tax statements as required by the government authorities; respond to all inquiries by the government agencies and provide requisite information and/or documents for reference.


    She also in charge of training and mentoring the accounting staff and evaluate their performance for annual appraisals. Ms. Huong Pham took part in several projects of the company which the customers come from both private sector and government sector, so she fully understands the whole system of finance. She has processed cash receipts and disbursements of up to $3M per project during recently year.

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    Thang Tran

    Investment Manager

    Mr. Thang Tran is an expert in startup and a perfectionist. His career began as a collaborator and then as part-time assistant at Bank Training Center – the first professional banking training organization which is established by 10 largest banks in Vietnam at that time. He worked as a bridge between lecturers and students with the main responsibility is courses management, collecting and analyzing student assessment. In 2012, he moved to ATV Vietnam Ltd. Here, he participated in many important projects of the company as a researcher as well as a project specialist. Mr. Thang Tran was the great contributor to draft & design the overall 5-year Vietnam Silicon Valley project (VSV) planning which was approved by Minister of Science and Technology on June 2013. On following years, he had responsible for researching the landscaped of startup ecosystem’s components such as: business accelerator, venture capital market, startup worldwide trending.... With the supervision of CEO of project, he built the detail implementing plan for each year of VSV and led a research team of VSV in building several reports for Vietnamese government agencies which now are used as a guideline for organizations that want to become a business accelerator. In parallel with the research activities, in 2014, he joined VSV Accelerator with the role as coordinator.

    Taking advantage of previous researches, he took part in designing selection process and bootcamp training content. He also worked closely with startups as junior adviser for value proposition design, business model, implementing strategy, fund raising strategy to achieve the milestones during Bootcamp. With his guidance and support, many small to large-scale events of VSV and VSV Accelerator have been successfully organized such as Angel Investor Workshop in 2014; Demo Day in 2014, 2015 & 2016; Master Class, etc.

    From 2018 till now, he has concurrently assumed the role of Investment Manager

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    Huy Pham

    Accelerator Program Manager

    Huy Pham is a Business Development Manager and Accelerator coacher at Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator (VSV Accelerator) which has invested, accelerated and mentored over 50 startups in Vietnam since 2014. VSV Accelerator is the first of its kind in Vietnam with successful multi-million-dollar startups in its portfolio such as Lozi, TechElite, SchoolBus, Ship60, etc.


    Before joining VSV Accelerator, Huy Pham had 5 years’ experience as a project leader in top IT companies in Vietnam and also founded two his own companies. Since joining VSV Accelerator, Huy Pham and his team raised successfully a millions-fund for VSV Accelerator from Hochiminh City Department of Science and Technology and LOTTE Group. He also was a part of core team organizing Techfest 2016 - the largest national annual festivals for the entire Vietnam startup ecosystem's stakeholders. With the experience of a project manager from events such as Prototype Day, Demo Day and Investor Bootcamp, Huy Pham built a network of investors, c-level experts and big corporates to support the startup community. Huy Pham also works directly with the early stage startups on helping them to build and test their business model, go to market strategy and raise fund.


    Huy Pham hold a BA in Software Engineering from FPT University and dropped out Master Degree from Western Sydney University to setup his first startup. And he competes in triathlon race of Ironman and other ultra-trail marathons of 70km.

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